General Procedures

  • Scheduling

    • Sign-up for masses at
    • If you need a sub, tap "request a sub". There will also be there an option to request a trade. 
    • We ask each server to serve an AVERAGE of once a month. 
      • This does not mean don't serve for 11 months and then serve 12 times in a month. That violates the spirit of your call to service.
      • There have been many servers who focus on serving the special, non-weekend masses and there are some that focus on serving just the weekend masses based on their schedules, but everyone is expected to serve regularly.
      • These are perishable skills that are forgotten without regular practice. If you go too long without serving then you will be required to take a refresher before serving again.
  • Liturgical colors

    Your cincture will be the liturgical color. Look at the altar and/or ask a sacristan, fellow server, deacon, or priest if you are uncertain of the color.

    • Advent
    • Lent
    • Sundays of ordinary time
    • Palm Sunday, Good Friday,
    • Pentecost,
    • Feasts of the Passion of the Lord, Martyrs, Apostles, and Evangelists
    • Christmastide (from [Vigil] of Christmas to the Baptism of the Lord)
    • Holy Thursday
    • Easter season (from the Easter Vigil up to the Vigil of Pentecost)
    • Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
    • Feasts of Our Lord other than those of His Passion
    • Marian feast days[2]
    • Feasts of the Angels
    • Feasts of non-martyred saints or confessors
    • Feast of Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist
    • Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter
    • Feast of the Conversion of Paul the Apostle
    • The Nativity of St. John the Baptist
    • Solemnity of Saint Joseph
    • Other feasts of Saint Joseph
    • Feast of All Saints
    • Sacrament of Baptism
    • Sacrament of Matrimony
    • Sacrament of Holy Orders
  • What to wear

    Altar servers should always wear Sunday best including dress shoes. Come to mass ready to serve.
    • Male servers should dress in collared shirts, dress pants, or khakis.
    • Female servers should wear dresses, skirts, or dress pants with blouse (no leggings or Capri pants).
    • Hair must be neatly combed. Girls should secure hair back out of their face.
    • Please avoid bold stripes or designs on your clothing that will show through the albs. Solid colors are fine, but light colors are best for shirts and tops

  • Signing In

    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early.
    • Kiosk is located in the minister's sacristy.

    • Tap on your name, tap check-in. Done
    • Your sign-up will be automatically opened at 10 minutes before mass if you haven't checked in. 
    • If you don't sign in you will be flagged as a no-show. Too many no-shows (3) wlll result in a probation. 
    • To sign up for an empty slot, tap the slot (the scheduled altar server's name will be there), tap replace, enter your first name, tap your name from the list, tap check-in, tap OK. You are now signed in.
    • Once checked-in, proceed to the altar server room and dress out. 

  • What Not to wear

    • Blue Jeans, shorts, t-shirts are NOT to be worn when altar serving. No athletic, rubber-soled shoes (sneakers, tennis shoes, shoes etc. of any color), flip-flops or open back sandals are to be worn. Boys must wear a brown or black dress shoe (Sperry’s and Tom’s are acceptable).
    • Altar servers from St. Laurence Catholic School may serve in their Official Dress uniform and shoes during the Friday morning school masses only.