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The Sacramental Life

What you will find on these pages is information on how our parish family celebrates the Mystery of Christ.


Non-English Liturgies

Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in America, as of 2011. We have various groups and ministries that celebrate one's heritage in community settings and help newly arrived immigrants get adjusted to American life as a Catholic. Ethnic and cultural Masses and other Sacraments are held periodically for our parish. Watch the bulletin for more information.

Liturgy and Sacrament

The Sacraments are outward signs instituted by Christ that impart divine grace to those disposed to receive them. The 7 Sacraments were instituted by Jesus and His Apostles and form an integral part of what it means to be a Christian. All celebrations of the Sacraments are done through the liturgical life of the Church. 

Liturgy is the public worship of God. It is a ritual, ancient, beautiful form of communal worship. The Mass is the highest form of liturgical worship, but it is not the only form. Read this document on how St. Laurence develops our liturgical life.